If you are interested in eyebrow tattoo, then you might have some confusion about the traditional eyebrow tattoo and Microblading. You need to know about these two methods and its difference. The traditional eyebrow tattoo is a simpler and an older version whereas the Microblading which is newer, more intricate manual version. If you are looking for the permanent eyebrow tattoo, there is an option that will help you achieve your wish.

To create a solid shape of tattoo in your eyebrow, fill the pigment continuously into the skin to make it permanent eyebrow tattoo. This might lead to unnatural looks because of the tattoo machines pigment deeper into the dermis. The pigment into the dermis increases the chances of expanding the pigment in your eyebrow. This expansion makes you look unnatural from you normal look. When you tattooed from some artists, it might expand much more than the others as they do with their own strokes. This is because of the pigment placed on the eyebrow is very deep. In the case of deep pigments, the colour may be changed and it looks entirely different from the usual color. Colors like black-brown might be changes to blue-green similarly light brown based colors might be changed to the faded red-orange. 

Time taken to complete the tattooing process

Tattooing your eyebrow might take some time with two sessions. Once they are done with their first session after a month they can come for the next session for the touch-up. The second session, touch-up, is all based on their skin type which might push the ink a bit out from the eyebrow. You can even tell some problems or imperfections which you have found after the first session. The problems will be rectified in the next session which you are facing in between time.

If your skin is oily type, then it is most difficult skin type to tattoo it. It should be more concerned as it may reject the pigment and prone to hydration. These all tends to look up like powder-filled instead of tattooed. Once you completed your first session, you might be feeling that your eyebrows are too dark. It looks too dark at that time healing process time. Do not get panic as it looks darker maximum upto three days. The darkness in the eyebrow starts reducing after these days. After a week you can experience the results, almost 70 percent of darkness will be reduced. 

Does it pain?

If you do not have any ideas about the tattooing experience, just know that this will give you pain as it is done on your face. It gives you feel like scratch-like sensation. Surely it will hurt, but the severity is all based on the artists. In some tattoo shops they will have numbing agents who cares and makes skin more vulnerable. They will be giving the most comfortable for the client when compared with other artists. If you are not happy with the tattoo work done it can be replaced or the work can be corrected sometimes without removing the permanent eyebrow tattoo. 


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