In recent days, the semi-permanent tattoos have become more famous among people, regardless of age. Based on the equipment, techniques and pigment can change this procedure to produce very natural looking tattoos. Over the past few years, the semi permanent tattoo is a new wonder that has become more significant beauty procedure that involves implanting the colour pigments in a type of tattooing. If you wish to have tattoos, you may select a wholly unique design, style, artist and placement. These semi-permanent tattoos are being widely advertised to the audiences much older than their normal customers. More than 20 and even 50 age people are dabbling with these semi-permanent tattoos; because they are both fun chance of leap and get a chance to put on their body temporarily or permanently.

Commonly, these semi-permanent tattoos are looking like a dried glue or sticker on the body. After every wash, this tattoo cracks or starts to peel off and making their temporary status very clearly. But now, the latest techniques and ingredients are being used to make these semi-permanent tattoos that appear like more real as well as long lasting. This tattoo also stands out for a certain period of time due to their rich colour and use of vegetable-based inks as well as great quality adhesive and non-toxic. With people age of 25 to 45 are being the majority of semi-permanent tattoo users. These tattoos can typically last long from two to four days, but it might be extended based on the products applied to that area and placement.

Benefits of semi-permanent tattoos

When compared to temporary tattoo, the semi-permanent tattoos can last longer and have a plenty of amazing benefits in compared to the permanent tattoos. When you want to have this semi permanent tattoo, you just consider the following benefits that include:

  • Safety and transparency
  • Test-run a permanent tat
  • Pain free
  • Looks like real
  • Active your accessory game

In addition to, the semi-permanent tattoos are giving the consumers a great look as well as feel of the real tattoo, but only for a limited period of time. While the tattoo ink may leave a mark, any repentance would be temporary. It also allows the consumers’ confidence and self-expression to obtain the real tattoos.

The major ingredients used on this ink are derived from the Americana plant that gives authentic look of the consumer and also last long for around two weeks. It usually sinks into the top layer of a skin. There are more than 1,000 options available in a catalogue, so the consumers can easily pick the one.

Semi-permanent tattoo makes any repentance temporary

Unlike the permanent tattoo, people do not use a lotion on the tattoo area, especially where the tattoo is placed. This is because; the oil can change beneath the adhesive and also smoothen it, so it peels off. If you want to experiment the semi permanent tattoo on your body, you can make sure that semi-transparent tattoos are water proof; because excessive washing will drastically minimize its lifespan as well.


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