Are Semi-Permanent Tattoos Safe?

Tattoos are paintings or markings of pictures, texts, paintings, designs, patterns done for beautification, identification, representation, communication, and even medical purposes. They are mostly known to be of two types: Permanent tattoos and temporary tattoos.

What are semi-permanent tattoos?

Semi-permanent tattoos just like the name implies, are tattoos that are expected to last longer than temporary tattoos but not forever as permanent tattoos. They are said to be able to last as long as six weeks to six months. They are usually done using ink. An example is Henna.


The benefits of having a semi-permanent tattoo would include you having the option of changing your mind. Unlike permanent tattoos that are done forever, you can decide with time to completely wipe or change your semi-permanent tattoo. You can also use semi-permanent tattoos as a way of checking how the permanent design would look on you and the impact it would create. So you could opt for a different permanent tattoo if you are not pleased with the results of the previous one.

Semi-permanent tattoos come with a painless process, unlike permanent tattoos that would involve a level of hurt depending on the design and style. They can also be used as a way of adorning parts of the body as accessories would. 

Like regular tattoos, they can also be used to identify to a cause or belief or a group, as a means of connecting to an ideal or authority, as a way of communicating messages or as a form of spirituality.

The safety of semi-permanent tattoos:

 Semi-permanent tattoos should be relatively safe for interested individuals. They are painless so they attract no trauma associated with the process. They also do not involve the piercing or cutting if the skin so the risks of contracting infections are greatly reduced. Again, it may also not require the use of injections, the problem of being infected with blood-related diseases is also eliminated.

Once it is done in a safe and healthy environment, with instruments that are constantly sterilized and using organic or safe inks, there should not be any problems of risks or safety issues. Some people are allergic to different ink products and brands. Ensure the ink being used is one of your skin is receptive of, because if it is otherwise, it may begin to cause adverse reactions.

Also, ensure the tattoo artiste wears his/her gloves. It is important they also maintain basic health standards. 

Having ensured all the above, there should be no fears entertained while planning to have a semi-permanent tattoo. It is in fact, safer and more beneficial than the permanent tattoos as you would always have a choice. It is done on the skin surface so its effect will not as deep as the permanent ones that involve cuts and piercings. Go ahead to get your semi-permanent tattoo done and enjoy the luxury and style that comes with it.


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