5 Best Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are paintings or markings of pictures, texts, paintings, designs, patterns or people we love or adore on the skin by using inks or dyes. Tattoos are done for several reasons; for beautification, as a form of identification to a group or ideal, as a representation of a belief or symbol. It can also be done for medical purposes. Tattoos can either be permanent or temporary.

There are different types of tattoos being drawn but the best 5 have been listed below:

  1. Tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos are usually done as some form of connection to spiritual entities or meanings, or as part of identifying with one’s heritage. They can also be done as part of a ritual to offer protection against evil spirits. They always hold deeper meanings than the inscription or artwork. For some, it could be as a result of rite of passage events or as a means of being identified after death by their loved ones. These tattoos are also done as a way of declaring an individual’s social status or several achievements during wars. Types of tribal tattoos include the Eye of Horus, Celtic Cross, and Knots.

  1. Animal Tattoos

Animal Tattoos are usually done as a means of identifying, connecting with and reflecting the traits or qualities of the chosen animals. For instance, a lion would represent courage, might, boldness, fierceness and unrelenting progress. Horses would represent grace, speed, style, elegance, strength, gait, royalty, freedom. Some animals are also drawn simply for their mysterious aura, beauty or elegance. They can be done as ideas, designs or images creatively drawn. They could also be a pictorial design of animals we are particularly fond of like our pets, or animals viewed as sacred and reverenced or worshiped.

  1. Chinese Tattoos

Chinese tattoos are achieved by drawing Chinese symbols. These symbols are reflections of ideas. These tattoos could also contain hidden messages or secrets; like a combination of beauty and mystery. Chinese tattoos are usually done mostly by Westerners, rather than the Chinese themselves. The most popular Chinese Tattoos would be Love, Fire, Strength, Luck, Peace, and Family. Before drawing a Chinese tattoo, it is advised to research its meaning. It would be best done by a creative, precise and skilled tattoo artiste who can match the exact lettering.

  1. Japanese Tattoos

These tattoos have their origin from the Japanese culture and heritage. They would usually symbolize bravery, sex appeal or spiritual meanings. There was a time they were used to identify criminals but times changed and they were then sued by houses of wealth as symbols of their status. Again, the Japanese government outlawed it due to western influences, and it became an identification for the Yakuza. However, in recent times, more Japanese youths have warmed up to the idea of having tattoos. Some foreigners would travel to Japan for a Horishi to carve tattoos on them. These processes are said to be very detailed, time consuming and painful.

  1. Blackwork Tattoos

As the name implies, Blackwork Tattoo is a type that uses only one color; Black. This dates back to the origin of tattoo drawing and painting before the inclusion of other colors. It is usually achieved with the use of lines, curves, angles, shapes, and dimensions. Like most tattoos, it could be a form of representation of an idea or identifying a group or belief. It could also reflect the hierarchy and authority.

Tattoos are becoming a norm, especially among the younger generation. With celebrities, persons of influence and mainstream media showcasing, promoting and celebration these artworks, its more widely accepted.


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