At present, people are more conscious about their beauty and most of the people prefer to have mild makeup. In those cases, people who loves mild make up would come across eyebrows feathering. Many people would think what eyebrow feathering is and how would be their result. On other hand, some people may think why it is necessary to have eyebrow feathering and it is mainly because whenever you tend to have eyebrows stretch or any type of makeup you would make use of powders, gel, pomades and many other chemical induced products to stretch the hair this may cause irritation, scratches and many other issues. But when it comes to eyebrow feathering, it is also called as micro feathering, feather tattoo eyebrows, feather touch brows and many more too. The eyebrow feathering is a process of filling hair in the sparse brows using precise blade. The usage of cosmetic blades can create minute small cuts in the epidermal skin and further a dye is applied on them were incisions absorbs the dye. Once the incision absorb all dye it becomes a semi permanent incision that fills the gap and give eye brows natural look.

Factors about eyebrows feathering:

Many people would misunderstand that micro lading and micro feathering are same but in real both are different. Micro feathering process is done in natural shape that would results with natural and fluffy eye brows. Still people would have several other confusions to clear them all, here are some factors of the eyebrows featherings are listed below.

  • Whenever you decide to do eyebrow feathering it is essential to grow your eyebrows to greater extend at least for about six weeks. While doing so, after the micro feathering process the result would be more impressive.
  • In feather eyebrows always holds an extend shape of natural eyebrows so people do not want to think about shape and constrains in the process.
  • Once you done eyebrow feathering it would last for eighteen months maximum depends on your skin type, surrounding factors, lifestyle and other open exposure.
  • The eyebrows featherings can be done only based on your skin type if you are having oily or sensitive skin type then there are more chances for eyebrows de-coloration or pigments tends to blur. Thus the eyebrow featherings are good for normal skins and dry skin people to make the eyebrows strokes in natural way.

Apart from all above factors most of the people would fear about usage of cosmetic blades whether it would cause pain or not? In reality eyebrow feathering do not cause so much pain rather you can experience a little noise from the blade while scraping on your skin. However it is also necessary to take care of your skin after eyebrows feather process such as you should keep the skin dry enough and need to apply soothing skin shield on the respective area for seven days during night. People should avoid using skin care products on eyebrows and surrounded areas for at least 10 days before and after treatment.


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